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Homework Policy

             Foothill Middle School's Homework Plan

FOOTHILL MIDDLE SCHOOL HOMEWORK POLICY Homework is any activity or task that is assigned by a teacher to be completed by a student outside of the school day. The activity or task is a component of learning.

Foothill’s Philosophy and Purpose of Homework:

▪ Reinforce the common core skills and provide meaningful and relevant practice.

▪ Reinforce the content taught in class this may also include preview of new material.

▪ Stimulate intellectual development.

▪ Provide opportunities for participation with special projects.

▪ Provide opportunities to develop lifelong personal learning habits like reading.

Amount of Homework: Homework is expected to take between 60-105 minutes per night for all subjects . Students may be required to do additional reading for an average of 20-30 minutes per night. Homework may be assigned each night, adhering to the above timelines.

Teachers are expected to communicate with parents what percentage of homework is a component of the student’s final grade assessment. Advanced courses may require additional time

Homework Concerns: If your student is consistently spending more time on homework than outlined in our homework plan, please communicate your concerns to your child’s teachers as soon as possible. The staff is available to work with you and your child to ensure a positive academic experience for your student.

We encourage families to use a progressive approach to address any concern:

1) Student communicates with the teacher.

2) Parent to teacher communication.

3) If your student continues to have a challenge, a parent /teacher conference can be scheduled.

4) If the above options have not resolved your concerns, a conference with the administrator assigned by alpha can be scheduled.

Please see: for further details on the MDUSD’s Board Policy on Homework: BP 6154, AR 6145.