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The 6th Grade Social is on Friday, September 13.
Posted 9/10/19

The Social is held after school for 6th graders only, from 2:45-4PM. Tickets are on sale this week for $5. 


Snow Cones, popcorn, games and music will be provided.   If your student has an ASB sticker on their ID card it can be used as a ticket.  Please encourage your student to stop by the leadership table in front of the office on Friday to let them know they are going. 


Please make sure parents/guardians have completed the after school permission slip in the office. These forms were also collected during walk-thru. This event is lead by leadership students and staff.Students must stay for the entire event.


Note: ASB stickers are part of the ASB Activity Packet purchased through the Foothill Webstore. Purchase of the ASB Activity Packet is optional. Students without an ASB sticker on their ID have the option to pay per event and purchase tickets during to the event during lunchtime.